About Us

Introduction to Hymed

Hymed is a specialist distributor of a well researched superior quality hygiene dispensing systems, which are coupled with a bespoke range of cost saving waste reducing consumables. The stand out feature of our products, ensures that our customers benefit from a reliable coordinated range of dispensers, reducing both consumable volumes and spend without compromising on either quality or efficacy.

Environmental Policy

At Hymed we have realized that in order to achieve sustainable growth into the future and distinguish ourselves from our competitors, we needed to address the way in which our market has traditionally worked, and to adopt a responsible attitude toward changing key variables in order to create a greener carbon footprint and to help conserve resources by bringing to the market a product offering that reduces the use of raw materials in manufacture; uses energy efficient recycled packaging; diminishes waste volumes of used product and assists in the reduction of carbon emissions by decreasing the replacement and replenishment cycles of consumables.

National Footprint

Hymed has sales offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town and distribution centers in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth giving us the capability to distribute product quickly and efficiently throughout the Republic.